Amid long hours of driving I binged through this couple’s sexy monthly stories, interspersed with lessons about personal growth and the strengthening of their relationship. In all I digested 7 years of their journey over 7 days and that compressed overview made it abundantly clear that this alternative lifestyle is widely misunderstood and how engaging in it had notably improved their communication, authenticity, self-esteem, and intimacy.


As I listened to more podcasts about consensual and ethical non-monogamy, the same messages repeatedly came to light and I got to thinking about my own romantic relationship. Upon returning to my Loveyface's loving arms, I proclaimed with great enthusiasm "That whole sex with other people thing sounds titillating, but we really mustn’t settle for anything less than the kind of passionate partnership I observed in  many of these couples!"


With that, I hit the road again, this time to speak with individuals, couples, therapists, sexologists, relationship coaches, podcasters, content creators and authors from all over to learn how and why behavior that is so counter to what society teaches us about monogamy can have such profound positive effects on people and relationships.


This film does not include explicit content and is pointed towards curious, general adult audiences.


"OPEN: a Journey through Love" seeks to de-stigmatize ethical non-monogamy
and examine the profound positive effects it can have on individuals and relationships!